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The Aral petrol station at the Club Chalet in Kreuzberg: The bridge between the Silesian road and the Pushkin Avenue is overrun by tourists, especially at night, especially drunk, after a night out not even a ride home can. Thousands of Revelers each weekend here on the road, and the trend is rising. And still, three years Ago, and Abdurrahman had to wait for A. a maximum of three minutes, then a passenger sitting in the Taxi. On this autumn weekend, but A. wait more than 20 minutes.

He remembers why he avoids these districts of Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Mitte, Neukölln. “It’s where the tourists are, there’s Uber,” he says. That’s why he tried his luck in the meantime in the outskirts of Berlin Zehlendorf, Hellersdorf, Reinickendorf: Since it is called Taxi, not Uber.

Abdurrahman A. is going to make this weekend, no 300 euros in sales. Three years ago, it was a good weekend already times 1,000 Euro. That was before Uber. The 30-Year-old studied political science. For the past four years, he financed the taxi to be studied. His Bachelor degree he managed soon. But as merely the Master of Finance, he asks himself. If it goes down, he can no longer pay the rent. While A. wait, to rise again and again, people in cars waiting at the roadside. Or tap your phone, and five minutes later, a car is there. To passengers it is not a lack, but most of the increase for the road in rental cars, not Taxis.

How to get A. many of the taxi drivers since the success of Uber.

At the airport in Tegel, the taxi operator Frank S. series in a row with a taxi colleague and Uber-drivers. He recognizes the Toyota Prius and the license plate from the surroundings of Berlin. Some of the Uber driver to go on a customer and promise that the journey was cheaper than the Taxi.

The allegation: Uber making the taxi business is broken

Richard Leipold drives since 1978, Taxi, and honor, is the official Chairman of the Berlin taxi Association. Together with his Partner, he has six cars and twelve employees driver. In January, February, and April, you have made minus. From January 2017 to 2018, a decline of 30 percent. If it goes on like this, he will have to shrink soon.

Overall, TIME has spoken ONLINE with fifteen taxi drivers. All of them had break-ins in the last few months of sales. Many want to get out, retrain. Or just don’t know. In a Facebook group swap. You have to post pictures of Uber cars waiting in side roads. Stories of nudge, tell the Uber-cars. No longer share your frustration and the desperation to earn enough money. And here you are trying to organize also. Only in mid-October, hundreds of taxi drivers have taken care in Düsseldorf with a motorcade for attention. The düsseldorf-based not has to abide by German law and dumping the taxi prices out of business.

taxi drivers must adhere to many rules. In order to get the Taxi license, you must pass a local exam, which costs depending on the provider several Hundred dollars. This includes several months of preparation, precise Imprint of the road, netting a big city like Berlin. The examination is then queried for a journey from A to B must leave the test object from the memory – including the identity of all the outgoing roads.

taxi drivers in a fiscal taximeter in your car and have records, the turnover and working hours, and stores, at any time from the tax office. Taxi drivers must take each time you travel with the same ticket price. At the taxi stands your from the state office for citizens ‘ and regulatory Affairs (LABO) wait again and again and unannounced inspection. The marking of the car right? The warning triangle does not work? If not: fine.