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Somewhere between my study and the first full-time job allows me the ability to get lost and to let me really run.

Not that I would not have practiced it earlier sufficient. To the Regret of my parents, I was never the kind of Teenager that felt age-appropriate employment opportunities such as Tennis or flute lessons addressed. As a full-fledged member of the Generation of binge drinking, I met me every Friday night with my three Girlfriends to have a drink after school in the children’s room of the, hopefully, empty parents house secretly Malibu Orange. We ate Pringles, tasted the sweet nectar of sugary alcopops (what a word) and looked at The Ring. During the week I cheered on our little secret. Later, when we switched to harder Drinks, so we made our way into the queue in front of the bouncers of the suburban disco in the pants – and to us instead, as 18-year-old students were able to feel.

Bianca Jankovska, born in 1991 in Vienna, is a freelance writer, columnist and Social Media Concepter. In her debut “The Millennial Manifesto” rails against the use of precarious work, late at night in Slack sent messages and the constant readiness of self and exploit others. Time Online published a slightly abridged extract from it. © Melanie Ziggel

Yes, Yes, I know – booze is unhealthy, damages the nervous system, destroying brain cells. Things you need for productive Work. Booze turns me into this person who laughs too loud at his own jokes and silly stories, for which he is ashamed of the next Morning.

And yet today I am glad to have a proper youth. One of me friends Thursday came in the evening, without asking me or my parents beforehand what examination decency the next day.

“In a performance-oriented society, the continuous availability for the most Recent sermon, it is not surprising that the framework is missing, to let go of.”

they had decided to celebrate to go and take me. Without Question. Without thirty-five minutes about the pros and Cons to think about what might be going wrong or on the next day, missed. From today’s perspective, my youth life was exactly this “in the Moment”, from which today all on Instagram to speak, after you have registered a Slot for “Quality Time” with your loved one in the Google Calendar.

Who reads media reports about “the youth” of today, especially that she is drinking less and less. The politicians cheer, finally, the anti-alcohol have counteracted measures, all those expensive campaigns, printed on highway billboards. Without the consequences of massive consumption of alcohol and nice to talk: I don’t think that the reason for the low alcohol consumption of the youth exclusively, social workers, and local politicians to talk with their Motivation and deterrence campaigns have a good work done.

In a power company, the constant availability and competence for the most Recent sermon, it is not surprising that the framework is missing, to let go and to beat time on the strings. Laziness has a negative Image that is associated with the Stigma of unproductivity, drive and uselessness, and is labelled as an unforgivable weakness of character of individuals. Today, as then, is the worst consequence of a Tomcat, can not work. to make

alcohol not cool the Best thing that could happen large, medium and small corporations. Not hungover employees more because no one dares to come even a Minute late. Not people who yearn for excessive parties, because, you know, don’t bother. Laziness can work as a engine of a liberated work: as the ability to create a Balance between overspending and refusal, a waste of time and time use. A Balance, as the High-air-editor-in-chief writes that you have to self-select under Mußebedingungen again and again, to be able to reasonably keep. to make

“alcohol is uncool, the Best thing that could happen large, medium and small corporations.”

How many times have I dispensed myself, after work, to a Party, a Vernissage to go to a small drink because I was too tired? Because I had no desire the next day, even more broken than it is today – even without alcohol? For who, I wonder today. For me? How often I’ve invented a lukewarm excuse to lie only against 20 clock in the bed, to stream Game of Thrones and wonder why I caused a year after my job relocation in Hamburg had arrived?

We don’t have to drink every week under the table, no question, but I think We have forgotten for the wrong reasons, to get hammered. Of me, then we drink, if we immediately ill is and we pay attention to our health. Or because we don’t want to be aggressive or drunk Ex-boyfriend calls.

don’t drink and go home early – just because we have to work the next Morning? What happened to us? Where are the nights in which we were eternally on, to listen to drunk and stoned together Nick Cave? We googled, of course, went to the next Bar, without the best possible way home?