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Cannabis companies are among some of the industries that have a hard time when it comes to digital marketing laws. However, when they can utilize organic marketing techniques to market a cannabis brand, SEO, or search engine optimization, is probably one of the most effective marijuana marketing strategies for cannabis businesses.

SEO is a long-term game that usually takes 6-12 months to see any results. It’s possible to see the first results in 3-6 months. Still, for that, companies would need a comprehensive keyword strategy and a quantity of high-quality content published (and optimized) on the site.

The SEO and content process work hand-in-hand because content on websites needs to be optimized for search engines so they can discover the relevance and authority of each cannabis site and where to rank the website content in search engines.

Typically, the higher the domain authority and quality/relevance of the cannabis content, the higher your website pages will rank in search engines for relevant and related search queries.

Potential customers are searching for information on cannabis and CBD with the intent of learning more about the plant and products to purchase your product eventually.

Cannabis brands can use SEO and organic search to market their cannabis brand, with no advertising restrictions, by implementing an SEO and content marketing strategy designed to build and grow the domain authority and site relevance.

To help emerging cannabis companies navigate the strange, racing world of advertising cannabis, McKenzie Santa Maria manages Knack Media, which offers the latest solutions for multimedia needs, including Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Networking, Video and more!

Since managing the group in Orange County, she’s built a network of clients through working with some of the largest cannabis companies in the Nation.

She explained, “Organic marketing tactics like building a strong social media presence, implementing a search engine optimization and content marketing strategy, guest posting. link building and even SMS/text messaging are all viable options to market cannabis brand and CBD products.”

Adding, “New and old cannabis companies must shift towards modern and digital SEO marketing strategies to stay ahead of their competitors.”

Santa Maria stresses the process of SEO to market any cannabis company is one of the most important things a business could achieve in digital marketing.

The main goals of using SEO to market a cannabis brand are to, Increase online branding through increasing the brand’s online visibility. Increase the search engine ranking. Continually Drive higher-quality traffic to the brand’s website from organic search. Finally, Increase website conversions/sales.

Marketing a cannabis brand can be challenging, but as many are starting to see, there are plenty of other options for selling a cannabis company that can be equally as effective.

With proper management, cannabis brands can craft, execute an effective marijuana marketing strategy to grow brand awareness online, and drive traffic to the company’s website store or retail location.


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