Content 1 to 15 moments of Power 2 “Power over one’s own body” 3 at home, in the Job, during Sport or On a page

read Makes you have to claim against the landlord, the chief of the interior or an audience. Angela Merkel has it, and now the most powerful woman in the world pulls back. Women have it harder with the Power? Where is it and how it looks? We asked readers of TIME ONLINE, and personalities from business, art and culture: when did you feel least powerful? The answers show: Power plays in the partnership, the education of children and in the fitness Studio.

“I was 25, for three months, a single parent with two small children, and my life’s dream was just popped like a soap bubble. Actually, the Situation sounds like fainting. And yet, I have discovered my greatest strength: the Power to change my life. I no longer wanted to be dependent, I wanted to have no pity. That’s why I dared to start and me not only professionally, but also personally designed. To feel that I have this Power, has given me my self-confidence. But with the Power of the fear of doing something wrong comes to me. That’s why it is incredibly important for me to reflect on myself, to ask for help and seek advice. That’s what I did at the time, with therapists, Coaches, and friends, and realized that fear is the opposite of Power, but that fear is important to deal responsibly with Power.”
(Magdalena Rogl, head of digital communication Department at the software manufacturer Microsoft)

“Than my husband family my name.”
(Anonymous reader)

“the Power comes from, and because I can do so much, I am mighty proud of me. I’ve raised my children, to give them courage, honesty, commitment, and energy. I have built my own company with the same values and may not hold in the world of travel and lectures about creativity. And right now, while I write these lines, I feel powerful because I don’t trust me, my joy about my own Success so to speak.”
(Julia Scarlett Lindig, 64, reader)

“Sometimes I feel when I deny my Partner the Sex or other things.”
(Anonymous reader)

99 percent of men share – and I

“For the first Time, I felt powerful, as I sat in a meeting with a 99 percent share of men and I was because of my ideas, and not to the conference biscuits-bring In or write on. I was invited by a well-known producer, to talk about what kind of Film I would like to type next. Each of my chosen theme would have been right. This type of offer I got, after I had written my third hit movie Rubbeldiekatz. My male colleagues got such offers immediately after your first Hit. For me, this is the difference with the Power.”
(Anika Decker, screenwriter of, among other things, “Keinohrhasen”)

“As a singer and Poetry-Slammerin I am often alone on stage. In the Moment before I get all the eyes in the room are directed to sing, to begin with, or to talk – when to me, if nobody speaks – that I feel powerful. I have influence for the next few minutes so much in the Hand: I can exceed expectations or disappoint, the mood of the people, can decide what happens next. This is a nice feeling.”
(Maike, 20, reader)