homemade Mac and cheese, to none. These originally come from the Swabians in Wuerttemberg. Over 400 years ago they ate them, especially in the country. The people were poor, had not much and the floor, especially on the Swabian Alb, was not very profitable.

noodles are inexpensive to manufacture, and make stuffed. The allgäu it was then, the inert, the spaetzle with Emmental and mountain cheese. That’s why you wear Kässpatzen the name of the allgäu. These usually have a round shape and therefore are also called Knöpfle; the elongated are also called spaetzle or Spatzen. Whether round or elongated, depends on how the noodles are made.

read more about Allgäuer Spätzle here!

Real Swabians must now take a deep breath. Because the Rest of the population eats noodles like in a different way. For example, as a Sushi, Muffin or Burger. In the case of “Pinterest” to run the most extraordinary creations. Six of them here:

1) Mac and cheese, Sushi with garlic-Wasabi 2) noodles-balls to the Carbonara-type 3) Chili-pasta-Muffins 4) noodles-Burger 5) Red beet spaetzle 6) chocolate-Quark Spätzle with cherry ragout dsw