you all fell for it, the fresh, pure coconut water from the Thai beaches: dm, Tegut, Budnikowsky, Dennree and some Edeka entrepreneurs. They ordered bottles of button Nirvana, which were sold by the German company, farm kid. Farm kid Chef Christian Hoffmann convinced the dealer that it was pure coconut water. The food newspaper reported recently in a report. Stupid only, that the not so.

coconut water is the trendy drink of the last few years. Athletes and Celebrities swear by the miracle water. Coconut water is considered to be low-calorie and isotonic and even lower blood pressure. Don’t confuse coconut water with coconut milk. The water comes from immature, green coconuts, the milk from the flesh of ripe, nuts, brown coconut. The water is slightly turbid and colorless and has significantly less calories and fat than coconut milk.

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farm kid is one of the bigger German distributors of coconut water. In the last year, the farm child is implemented according to its own figures, around one Million US dollars. The success ended abruptly. Farm kid Chef Hoffmann made a note of a competitors product to test. Pure Coconut Water? The indication was wrong.

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Not pure coconut water

The coconut water is from the manufacturer key to Nirvana is by no means 100 per cent natural coconut water. More than 25 percent should be materials added sugar and water with flavouring. This is evident from the statement of claim, which is present in the food newspaper.

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As a farm kid Chef took the product off the market and sued the US manufacturer key to Nirvana. According to the food magazine will be on when the key is Nirvana not an isolated case. Apparently there are other manufacturers, the gave the wrong information on coconut water bottles.

Also, the competition headquarters, reported by manufacturers have led the consumer with regard to the “purity” of their product is misleading. Although the products also contained sugar and water, and flavors. In two cases, the companies have submitted a Declaration to cease and desist. In addition, the competition centre is subject to a restraining order.

The Hype ums coconut water is not clouded. On the contrary, The sales increases. Button Nirvana has changed meanwhile, the addition of “Pure” coconut water, “Real” coconut water. The ingredients have not changed, however.

sources: Lebensmittel Zeitung, the competition’s headquarters