A couple from China has experienced a true spine-tingling Moment of their relationship: browsing Through old vacation photos, the two discovered that they can in theory already almost 20 years ago. Because on one of the photos you see the two of them – before they had even met.

Incredible discovery on an old holiday photo

Mr Ye and MS Xue made met in 2011 in Chengdu to know how the Portal Channel News Asia reported already some time ago. They fell in love and now have two children. However, browsing Through old holiday photos, they discovered that they were already in the year 2000.

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you had made the same time holiday in the coastal city of Qingdao. As the old photos of the true spine-tingling Moment, considered then: two photos, both posing in front of a monument to the May Fourth Square. On a Ye with a blue T-Shirt in the foreground of the red building, on the other Xue posing in a white dress in front of it. On your old holiday photo you can see at a closer Look, however, Ye, as he is just in the Background in front of the monument.

Ye at that time was with a tour group in the square. He got to the place of his mother, who was ill in the year 2000, so that they could not participate in the trip. This can be a fateful coincidence? Or maybe just a Fake?

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