Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid captain, has allegedly revoked before a doping test in April 2018, a controller of the Spanish Anti-Doping Agency Aepsad. This is evident from the documents, to the unveiling platform Football Leaks of the mirror. The news magazine has evaluated this with the search network Eic.

the data is a letter, the one of the leading employees of the Aepsad on 21. September 2018 to the chief of the medical Department of Real Madrid sent, reports the mirror. Thus, a checker Ramos asked after the first League game of Real Madrid in Malaga, on 15. April 2018 to a doping test. Ramos should have showered before the Test, although the controller had warned the players several times before, that this could have serious consequences. According to the Spanish Anti-Doping law showering or bathing can be a urine test as a “disability of a part of the doping control procedure” and sanctioned designed.

Real Madrid the Writing of the Anti-Doping triggered the Agency, the more than five months after the incident received the Alarm. The chief lawyer of the club wrote to Real Director General José Ángel Sánchez: “The penalties weigh extremely hard.”

Towards the Public, the Association takes the player in protection. “Sergio Ramos has never violated the anti-doping rules,” said the Spanish record champion. The Uefa defended Ramos. One way the “unfounded allegations and categorically”. The Aepsad stated that “the process has provided no evidence that an Anti-Doping rule was violated”.

traces of dexamethasone

Already after the Champions League final in June 2017 against Juventus in Cardiff, Sergio Ramos was in the case of a doping control. At that time he gave a sample, the traces of dexamethasone included. The cortisone drug is on the list of substances of the world Anti-Doping Agency (Wada), which may not be used in Competition. Taking dexamethasone before the Competition is allowed, as long as this is recorded in the form of the doping control. Such an entry is missing in the Protocol.

The responsibility for the dexamethasone-a case of the doctor of Real Madrid took over. He acknowledged, Ramos on the day before the game two syringes to have dexamethasone in knee and shoulder administered.