Evelyn Burdecki has to the jungle camp plans: she would like to. study


On day ten was a surprise to Evelyn Burdecki (30) the jungle camp of the audience with her plans for the future “2019 is, for me, the clever year,” she said in an interview with Peter Orloff (74, “A girl”). Your exact projects: “After the jungle I got to study myself and to read books. Reading books makes you smart.” You would like to take a course in the direction of “Finance” – “what you then use on the stock exchange”.

For many viewers a Surprise as Evelyn Burdecki Brings in “I’m a celebrity me out of here!” yet not with a deep General knowledge or well-thought-out statements noticed. While Peter Orloff, described as a “natural intelligence, but was not fed in some respects”, commented now Evelyn’s brother Tomek Burdecki in an Interview with RTL for the intelligence of his sister.

“well, That’s typical of Evelyn”

“Which is smart. With Evelyn, you can speak normally,” he explains Interview in the Video. “Evelyn lives in her world. If she is home, she comes with clothes in one, phone in the other Hand, has a drink, tell you five stories, then it is repeated again, and then she’s gone again. That’s typical of Evelyn.” Just as she was in the jungle. “Evelyn los speaks just hold it and not think about it. Makes the never actually. Home.” In the family they are all proud of you.

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