Google has to pay in France a penalty of 50 million euros in connection with the EU data protection regulation.

The French data protection authority CNIL noted violations since the end of may-2018 DSGVO.

Among other things, information about the use of the collected data and the storage period for the user are not easily accessible enough, said the authority.

they were spread across several documents, and users would have to. several Links and Buttons to click In addition, some of the information was unclear.

in addition, the Google consent for the display of personalized advertising from their point of view is not valid, because the users would not sufficiently informed, declared to the CNIL.

It was the first penalty of the authority in accordance with the DSGVO. In accordance with regulation penalties of up to four percent of the annual turnover of a company can be imposed.

the trigger for the investigation were complaints of the organizations NOYB of the well-known Facebook critic Max Schrems, as well as LQDN. The DSGVO provides for, among other things, that companies, users need to transparently inform about the use of your data.