On the tenth day in the jungle camp, Tommi Piper, was voted out and had to leave the Show. Why is the actor, the German voice of Alf famous, is it not sad, he reveals in an Interview with the news Agency spot on news.

How you doing, according to the excerpt from the jungle camp?

Excellent! The agony has come to an end.

you are so glad that you were allowed to leave the Camp?

I did not want to go voluntarily, because the would cost me a bit. I was not in the mood and I am also professionally. But I’m probably gone for different reasons than many others. For me, this was the largest social project I have ever done in my life. I could tell you a whole evening, live on stage. It was a pleasure to see how social behavior between the ages of twelve persons expires, how to do common things and how the combination of these men and women team.

jungle camp, 2019

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you have distributed a lot of compliments to the ladies. Which of your colleagues has impressed you the most?

I love women! I have been thrilled by all the ladies in the Camp, because each has its strength. With my acting colleague, Doreen Dietel I talked about our profession, for example, about why some producers declare after ten years, that is now out there. She opened a Restaurant and I told her how much I like her she shows to the TV people that they can independently make something. Therefore, have turned our conversations, but not get the TV audience.

you have spoken in the jungle camp is also about the difficult relationship with your wife. How is it at home?

that’s not what I’m talking about, this is a taboo subject. I’m going to see what will happen to me. Like hundreds of thousands of married couples in Germany, the problems and been together for a long time, is the solve. We’ll see about that. I’m excited to see and listen to the things that are coming.

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day 10 in the jungle

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How have you experienced the disputes between Bastian Yotta and Chris töpperwien?

these are both super guys, each to his own. Perhaps there is in the Background of any jealousies. I have not heard of this dispute. We have a lot of discussion, settled in the Camp, also between Sibylle Rauch and me, it’s become something louder. Chris stepped in and mediated, then we have embraced us and it was done.

Who will win in your opinion, is the jungle crown?

For me, there will be a king of the jungle and that would be for me to be the man who goes through thick and thin, through spiders, and snakes: It is, in my opinion, Peter Orloff.

And what do you think of Evelyn Burdecki and Gisele Oppermann?

Gisele had to endure much – as in the time of Daniel Küblböck, you always rumgebrettert. She’s a Model, she is pretty, she is tall, long-legged, has accomplished much in her life. And to hack around, I couldn’t believe it. Evelyn has shown no great things, but it’s funny, promises and promises, it is still funny. Peter Orloff I can see the front, but also these two have, in my opinion, the chances to win.