the leading candidate of The European people’s party (EPP) in may’s upcoming European elections, Manfred Weber (CSU), holds a tax for digital giants like Facebook and Google, even after the Failure of my first start-up as necessary.

“It’s something we need to do to create Fairness in this new market,” said Weber at the digital conference DLD in Munich. Digital companies continued to pay significantly lower taxes than companies in conventional industries. And the policies need resources to support the losers of the digitization.

Weber’s claim joined in Federal Ministry of development to approval: The European Union needs to show “now, finally, the ability to act, and a digital tax to introduce,” said Minister Gerd Müller (CSU): “Internet giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon are making huge profits, but pay hardly any taxes in Europe.” If no agreement succeeds in Brussels, should go to the committed States in the framework of enhanced cooperation. “Austria and France to go this route. I would hope also for Germany.”

Weber had previously said that it is also an important issue to win the support of the people. When he appeared before the citizens, be many about the difference in the taxation of angry.

The rapid introduction of a digital tax in Europe last year, failed for the time being. The EU Finance Ministers could not agree in December on a common Position. The debate is now to be in this year. The EU Commission had proposed to charge a large digital company, with a global annual turnover of at least EUR 750 million as well as an Online turnover of 50 million euros in Europe, three percent income tax.

Weber, who is leader of the conservative EPP, said in Munich that Eastern Europe would benefit more from the EU. For example, a country in the Region could be the location for one of the next European Supercomputer. Also technology such as the fast 5G wireless and networked smart cities could bring to Eastern Europe.