Apple is expanding its educational offer “Everyone can be creative” in Europe. The training materials are in future to be also in German, French, Spanish and Italian, in the spring then also in Swedish and Dutch.

The Apple announced in London. The free Project manuals are designed to help students develop, through Drawing, photography, music, and Videos with creative ideas and Express themselves. So far, inter were active step-by-step instructions available in English only.

“Everyone can be creative” builds on the Apple-program “Everyone can program”, which is used in many schools around the world in the classroom.

The students are able to learn, such as a landscape or a face is drawn, and how their own music or Remixes.

“We are convinced that education promotes equality of opportunity,” said Apple CEO Cook in an Interview with the “Bild”newspaper. “The people are not all born with the same financial opportunities, but many come with an incredible gift to learn, and great things to achieve in life can ascend.”

This experience he had made personally. “I was born in a very rural area in the lower middle class. I was very happy, but what has put me really in the position to achieve something different and to work today at Apple, was that of education.”