Mena Massoud will be seen as an “Aladdin” – and Will Smith as a jinni out of the bottle free

©Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Germany

In October, there were already the first Teaser Trailer for the live-action adaptation of disney’s “Aladdin”. Now, there are supplies for all the Fans who yearn for the cinema release. On the Cover of the new issue of the U.S. magazine “entertainment Weekly” are the main actors Naomi Scott (25) as Princess Jasmine, Mena Massoud as Aladdin (27), and Will shown Smith (50, “The fresh Prince of Bel-Air”) as a jinni. It is the first Time, Smith in his role as the Genie.

“Yes, I’m going to be blue!”

On Instagram, he shared the Cover and commenting on it with the words: “BAM!! First look at Genie, Princess Jasmine and Aladdin! I rock the High ponytail Vibes for ‘Entertainment Weekly'”. The first Outcry about the appearance of his character, he also took the Wind out of the sails: “And Yes, I’m going to be BLUE! So jinni in a human/disguised Form. My character will be animated in the Film, mostly computer.”

On the official Instagram channel of the movie, there’s still more scene to see images from the upcoming remake of the Disney animated classic. Among other things, a short Behind-the-Scenes Video online, in which all three main characters get a word in. In Germany, Aladdin, “” on 23. May 2019 start-up.