107 Euro cash leads an average consumer in Germany – including six euros in coins. Almost without exception, a plastic card in every wallet to Pay for, be it a checking or a credit card, or the numerous loyalty cards, which can be used in selected shops, making purchases.

according to the Wishes of Apple Pay-the Boss Jennifer Bailey are in need of the people in this country, when you always Pay less to get out your wallet. The final spurt in the Christmas business, the iPhone company has introduced in Germany, the Smartphone-payment system. Apple competitor Google is already since the summer, with its System Google Pay in the market.

What type of credit or debit card is required?

In practice, the two systems differ only in Details. On both an Android Smartphone as well as on the iPhone with a credit or debit card is added in a few minutes, provided that the respective card is also supported.

cashless payments

Apple Pay: the mobile payment service

Apple is going with the support of the German Bank, the HypoVereinsbank, N26, Comdirect, American Express, and seven other banks and financial service providers to the Start of work. In the case of Google, the list looks similar, only that instead of the German Bank, Commerzbank, is on Board. Via PayPal but other accounts can be associated with the payment system. In the case of Apple and Google, one can use with the help of the credit card of VIM the Smartphone to Pay for.

The Upgrade of the smartphone, the virtual wallet is a comparatively simple task. But where you can use them at all? Cash is accepted in Germany, almost everywhere. Cafés such as the “Public Coffee Roasters” in Hamburg, the only accept card payments in this country is the absolute exception, whereas in Sweden or China, it is commonplace that cash payments will be rejected.

Where can you use Google Pay and Apple Pay?

The Smartphone-payment systems benefit from the fact that the European Union has already capped three years ago, the fees for Debit and credit cards decided. After that, discounters such as Aldi, Lidl and net cash is not a led terminals that accept only credit cards, but also contactless payments with the help of the radio technology NFC to enable. Virtually all of the NFC-Terminals – about 820.000 in Germany, can accept also payments via Smartphones. Sometimes, an error message appears here. That should take care of that with Updates in the coming weeks.

At the checkout, you reap currently still sometimes critical views, if one considers, instead of the usual plastic card, the Smartphone or the Smartwatch to the Terminal. In particular, the Apple Watch is particularly convenient. You have to unlock only in the morning once, then you can use it without further proof of Legitimacy to the Numbers. At the checkout, you tap twice on the button on the side of the Apple Watch, then it is switched to a Minute long for the payment process sharp. On the iPhone you have to confirm every payment with a fingerprint (TouchID), face recognition (FaceID) or the iPhone-PIN. Similar to comfortable this also works for Android smart watches from Fossil, Diesel, Armani, Michael Kors, Skagen and some of the other brands.

How safe is paying with your Smartphone?

the eyes of The cashier on the light quickly, when you see how fast you settled with the Smartphone or the Smartwatch the amount due – much faster anyway, as you can dig out that note and coins, suitable from the wallet.

Mobile payment

Apple Pay-the Boss: “We want to replace the wallet”

By Christoph Fröhlich

Google Pay to the operation hurdle a little lower than Apple. On an Android Smartphone with NFC Chip amounts up to 25 Euro to be released in the rule without an additional detection method, such as a contactless credit or debit card. At higher amounts, also on the Android Phones fingerprint, PIN, or facial recognition are due.

If the security does not have to hide Apple Pay and Google Pay behind other payment methods, quite the contrary. In both System, there is no actual credit card data is stored, and transmit to the merchant, but only a Token called virtual credit card number. Thus, the data cannot be spied out also and for fraud abuse.

Should be stolen from the Smartphone, deletes the Bank only has the virtual counterpart of the card and does not need to lock the actual credit card. And the comparison to cash is here for the benefit of the Smartphones. A purse is stolen, the rule of money, never again.

Is my privacy protected?

what about the various payment methods with the protection of privacy? Here cash is considered to be unbeatable because it is, at least, when you Pay no traces behind. On the account statement you can see just where money is lifted.

Pay by Smartphone

Commerzbank is gearing up for Apple Pay – but hopes for a different service


When you Pay with the Smartphone, the anonymity is, after all, the retailer maintained. He learns only that the amount has been released and is not able to evaluate the data for a profile. Fully in the picture, the credit card company or the Bank.

Apple emphasizes that you do not see any Details, but only the data stream is encrypted by. “If you pay with a Bank card, store Apple Pay data to your transaction that are attributed to you,” reads the support document. Google points out, its customers, however, each transaction on Google Pay, numerous data can be recorded. Who’s going to complain should not use Google Pay better.

what is the cost?

For consumers, the use of Apple Pay or Google Pay for is free. And also the vendors there is no additional cost. The iPhone maker, however, requires the banks money. How much Apple conceded, is an industry secret. For the USA, experts assume that 0.15% of the transaction sum, in Europe the value is expected to be lower, because of the failure to circulating toll-cake as a whole much smaller.

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