language speakers are handy, but are also in disrepute, constantly listening in. Nevertheless, you will be standing in the coming week tens of thousands of fir trees. The market Amazon has dominated so far, with its Echo of the speakers. The harder a scandal, the “c’t” shortly before Christmas eve, has discovered weighs, therefore, As the journal reported, Amazon has private voice recording of a customer to a stranger handed out. “Now Amazon is happens, is exactly what is feared in data protection,” writes the online portal “”.

1700 audio data passed

according to The report, a German Amazon has asked customer to the information of the saved data. Months later, the group made a ZIP archive. Also, around 1700 Audio files and a PDF with the transcribed content recorded by Amazon’s Alexa Software were in addition to 50 on his Person-related data. However, the customer had no voice in speaker from Amazon. All the files had to come therefore from a different user.

The client asked for clarification of the Case, is said to have received according to the magazine, but never got an answer. Instead of the previously-sent the Download Code to the Blank, Amazon has removed the files, probably in hindsight. An adequate examination, it seems to have in spite of the sensitive data is not given.

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spy in the home? Amazon Echo-in-chief reveals how much of the Alexa’s on the phone – and how she earns money

By Malte mansholt did not recordings from the intimate surroundings

Shocking is that the third-party data were passed on, but also the handling of the group with the case. “c’t” has the shots that are clearly from intimate moments”, for example, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom”. The editors managed to identify on the basis of the requests of the owners of the echo. Of the was perplexed, because the company had not informed him about the data leak, though the company was known.

Amazon has now adopted a position: “This unfortunate case was the result of a human error and an isolated incident. We have resolved the Problem with the two participating customers and measures for the further improvement of our processes taken. We were also, as a precaution, in contact with the competent authorities.”

However, the “c’t” reported: “The affected Echo-user contacted only four weeks after the accident, shortly after the inquiry of c’t.” As a reparation he received according to his own statement, a free Prime membership, and two more Echo speaker.

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