Ben Whishaw at the Premiere of his new film “Mary Poppins’ return” in Los Angeles

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In “Skyfall” and “Spectre”, he played “Q”, may be Ben Whishaw (38) will be in the next “James Bond”Film. He was not sure whether he belong to the Cast, he said, “Vanity Fair”: “I’m going to assume that I’m not going to be, so it would be a nice Surprise if you bring me in.”

“I had given a good run”

Sam Mendes (53), had the last two “Bond”portions staged, Whishaw for the role. The Director, however, had already declared in 2016, that he will not lead the next 007 strip Director. Cary Fukunaga (41) is for “Bond 25”. A good choice, as Whishaw. The Director and main actor Daniel Craig (50) would have to now is get everything on the way. And the 38-Year-old revealed in the Interview with his previous two “Bond”films was satisfied: “I had a good run.”

especially “Skyfall” (2012) was a significant milestone in Ben Whishaws career. “I was in a movie people have actually seen,” he joked. “I have seen a lot of people actually – and that has changed things.”

Rory Kinnear is not safe

Rory Kinnear (40) alias Bill Tanner had not explained to the Telegraph that he did not know whether he was in the next “Bond”-adventure game. If the script is ready, he’ll know it, he said. Surely with Daniel Craig. And Léa Seydoux (33), allegedly for the strip in front of the camera. This was reported by “Mail Online”. The French actress was seen three years ago as a psychologist Madeleine Swann in “Spectre”.

The filming of “Bond 25” to begin in March, the German cinema release for the 13. February 2020 recognised.