Intimate recordings from Amazon’s assistant, Alexa got a report of the magazine “c’t”, in the hands of unauthorized persons. Amazon said it was a “isolated case” and referred to measures taken.

“c’t” in its latest issue reported, had requested an Amazon customer from the group to be informed about his stored data, but never the language assistant. Under the Amazon clever files he found but also completely foreign records. The man had turned to the editors of the “c’t”. The records were therefore audible from the privacy of foreign persons, such as living room and bedroom and the bathroom, were the “c’t”-editors.

It was an “unfortunate event” as a result of “human error,” said Amazon in a statement. More detailed information, such as it has can come from it, not the company.

Amazon have resolved the Problem meanwhile with the two participating customers and measures to further improve the processes taken, it said. “We were also, as a precaution, in contact with the competent authorities”, said Amazon.

On the Basis of foreign data, was it possible the “c’t”-editors, according to his own representation, for example through the naming of names and queries local weather forecasts, the concerned owner of a Amazon say-to identify speaker Echo.