TV and home theater are in constant change. The once Format of the future celebrated the Blu-ray might soon be past. Movies in Full HD and some even in UHD, with four times the resolution of Full HD over the Internet to look at. But current Blu-ray players can do a lot more than just movies.

Decline in demand for DVD and Blu-ray players

The sales figures for player of the film Discs are in decline. According to the Home Electronics market Index (HEMIX) were sold in the first nine months of 2018 with 577.000 Blu-ray players or recorders, 21 percent less than in the prior-year period. In the case of the DVD players or recorders, of which between January and September, only 236,000 units went over the counter, the decline was 20 percent, similar to.

Stefan Witzel has a clear view: “DVD Player out,” says the editor-in-chief of the “AV-magazine”. Anyone who buys today a Player for the movie discs, you should use Blu-ray. The devices can also play movie DVDs.

One distinguishes Blu-Ray Player for Full HD and UHD. With Full HD (1920 times 1080 pixels) are supplied to larger screens with sharp images. UHD (Ultra High Definition) is the next higher level with a resolution of 3840 times 2160 image.

What is a good Blu-ray player?

This is a question of claim. Good pictures deliver, in the meantime, all of the devices, so that differences for gazers are an average hardly recognizable. The difference in additional benefits from making more like Apps – the number and provider of the Apps differ.

another important difference lies in the processing. “Too cheap models made from thin plastic and feel cheap and can be playing up to a distance of about two meters audible,” says Roland Seibt, home theater specialist magazine “video”.

when is a UHD player?

it depends on the image size of the TV. Seibt says that four times the Full HD number of Image points makes a diagonal screen size of 65 inches, it is enough to be noticeable. The are 165 centimeters. To 55 inches, with about 140 inches diagonal of Full HD. At 60 inches, so about 152 centimeters in diagonal, according to Witzel is a choice. The test specialist is trending here but to UHD. As the maximum vision distance, he recommends between three and five meters.

What is the cost of Blu-ray players?

There are Full-HD models for 50 Euro. If you’re looking for a better processing quality, is closer to 100 Euro. The latest UHD player cost around 150 Euro or less. But here, Seibt would hold more likely to devices starting from 200 Euro looking. According to the above, the prices are open, you can spend 2000 euros and more. Then the subtleties play into the image and sound quality to a role.

it is Worth not more likely, to stream in Full-HD and UHD movies?

Blu-ray provides, according to Seibt, a data rate of up to 50 megabits per second. According to the film provider via the network together reach only between about 10 and 15 megabits per second for UHD and the new contrast format of HDR (High Dynamic Range).

anyone Who owns a TV screen for higher quality, see the difference: “Quick movements and to block the formation. And instead of a fine brightness caused strip gradients steps-like brightness.” Fluctuations in the data rate can also lead to loss of Sharpness. In Addition, he noted that, in General, a maximum of 5.1 Surround Sound is on offer, and the only Topfilmen. With Blu-ray, however, significantly more channels were common to Dolby Atmos for 22 speakers.

Volker Strasbourg / REUTERS