New year, old resolutions?

©Efetova Anna / shutterstock.com

Every year – not only the Christ child. Many people let the end of the year the past twelve months and to reminisce, and for the new year. But often, the same resolutions as the year before, and the front of it… This can save everyone!

“I quit Smoking!”

The classic that many smokers are to the new year! On new year’s eve hard to smoke – as a fitting end, so to speak, and then from 1. January not to touch the Cigarette. Easy to say, hard to done. Often, the smoke-free time at the beginning of the year only a few weeks or even days. Who wants to stop Smoking, you must be convinced. The date should play no role.

“I do more sports!”

To many gnaws to the financial statements the bad Conscience. The balance sheet makes it clear: too little movement. That should change in January. Not rarely be overrun in the first weeks of the new year, for example, the fitness studios in major cities. However, after a few weeks the crowds. The daily routine has returned. Who would like to undertake a sporting, should in the long term, develop a Plan, not a rush to the turn of the year to act.

“I’m breaking up with Social Media!”

In the digital age, is intent on getting more popular! Not just a little people have of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and co. enough. Too many information, too much advertising appears in the Timelines. But how many friends really dare to Delete their Accounts? “Spying” via Social Media makes it fun. Maybe instead of a try a radical diet change Digital Detox? The mobile phone does not consciously take all of five minutes in the Hand, from the Social-Media Accounts on the phone, logging out, or even the Apps for a week, uninstall. It can be liberating!