fire like the dragons from “Game of Thrones” – can the three newly discovered beetle is, fortunately, not spew


There is likely to be the mother of dragons mighty proud of: The three-scaled children of Daenerys Targaryen alias actress Emilia Clarke (32) have managed but smooth in the real animal Kingdom – albeit significantly smaller than in “Game of Thrones”. Because, like the “Omaha World-Herald” reported, a Professor at the designation of three newly discovered species of beetle diligently from the HBO-series inspiration.

As you would find in the future, the Latin versions of Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal in reality, even if not all on the same spot of the earth. The newly discovered species Drogoni and Viserioni are native to Colombia and Ecuador, Rhaegali has made it in French Guyana cozy.

That was the reason for the name

For the naming of Professor Brett Ratcliffe had two reasons for the ready. For one thing, he is a big Fan of the Show, he mainly wanted to make but for attention: “If you choose such names, you want to have a little bit of celebrity and the attention of the Public.” There is, finally, still a lot of undiscovered animals in the world, and every fourth of them was a beetle.

for Too long Fans of the series will not have to wait before you can return the TV dragon and the Grand Finale of “Game of Thrones”. In April 2019, the final season of the Fantasy series starts.