Commissioner Kira Dorn (Nora Tschirner), when her Undercover operation in the Western city of El Doroda

©MDR/Wiedemann&Berg/Anke Neugebauer

“crime scene: The hellish Heinz” (1.1., At 20:15, the First) to determine the Weimar commissioners Kira Dorn (Nora Tschirner) and Lessing (Christian Ulmen), in the Western city of El Doroda. What is it exactly and if the Switch is worth it? Here are the answers.

What’s in the crime?

A dead Indian is fished out of the Ilm. Is Wolfgang Weber, the Western city of El Doroda. By its managing Director Heinz Knapps (Peter Kurth), the Weimar commissioners Kira mandrel and Lessing, that Weber wanted to terminate the tenants of the Western city. Celebrated the hobbyists in desperation, a Lynch party?

While Kira in El Doroda undercover to determine and prove that a real Cowgirl in her, pushes Lessing on the hard-hitting main contractor Ellen Kircher (Marie-Lou Sellem). The leaves of your Rocker son, Nick (Martin Baden) fear and loathing in the Western city of spread, since it has a geothermal hole in the Sand, for which Weber did not want to pay. But a stop at Heinz Knapps suggests that behind the murder of the Indians a deeper secret is…

the Switching Worthwhile?

Yes! The murder mystery is very entertaining, full of countless small, subtle scenes and punch lines, and fires on the day after new year’s eve from the Thuringian town’s now-familiar word joke-fireworks. Responsible for the screenwriters Murmel Clausen (45, “jerks.”, “Ladykracher”, “bully parade”) and “crime scene”specialist Andrew tiller (61).

And of course the performers. All take too seriously and the Bad guys are, as always, in the Weimar-thrillers delightfully one-dimensional evil. Really good scenes this time also the actor Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey (46) as a police officer Ludwig “Lupo” Pohl with his motorcycle or some other poultry expert in the area of the tent, looking from the outside, is actually quite small. The Film holds a Highlight: Who always wanted to know how Nora sings Tschirner actually, it is know now.

Five years after your first use of Lessing and mandrel have earned a permanent place in the Sunday crime universe. It remains to hope only, that the spectators are on the evening of new year’s day shooting capable enough to miss a Gag in this crime – and Western-parody, with the Undercover operation.