Karma is not to collect points to not so easy, as my colleague Kramper, Gernot noted. He wanted to give away parts of his house stand on Facebook and was inundated with all sorts of curious-to-three most requests (his report can be read here). If you set an Advertisement, quickly realizes that To give the “”has a scene in the social networks of their own practices. The mother of all trade insanity is, without a doubt, Ebay classifieds, the Local counterpart of the famous Online auction house.

the author of this text realized, as he wanted to get rid of the home theater System. The asking price was 90 Euro, a basis for negotiation. A bargain, only the Subwoofer was a multiple value. Accordingly, nimble arrived the news. But: spelling and friendly greetings stay with the bargain hunting, often on the track. “Please, 40€ Thank you” was due to the basic courtesies of the nicer answers.

Fullscreen ©Screenshot “STILL THERE?”

The experience is unfortunately not an isolated case. This shows a sub-section of Reddit with the aptly named “What is last price?”, the users of quirky Display or sale of dialogs from Ebay classifieds post. The classic is the “Still there” you get, preferably in large letters on the head. But no matter what, and when to back writes, usually you never hear back something from the interested parties.

In reality, you would find that extremely rude. On Ebay the everyday classifieds. If however, someone shows up, he comes either too late or totally unprepared. “A potential buyer asks me if it is possible to transport the Cabinet with his Skateboard,” writes one. The Portal is “the melting pot of society”, – said on Reddit – that hits the nail on the head.

Sometimes you get curious exchange transactions proposed, in which one receives even bigger scrap than the one you actually want to get rid of. So someone is willing to be used mountain bike “in exchange for 10 pounds of noodles and 6 litres of milk”. A user is offered in return for a TV to put a Tattoo. Who can say no to that?

bad-mouthing of avarice

another popular Trick is to use the offered goods by all means ill talk to push the price and it was only 50 cents. “Why a cave ugly Shoe costs so much money,” asks one user, then remains but at least “Sincerely”. Another referred to the seller only as a “leek”, later changed to Express raw power, just because of this does not want to go the price down.

“Have you no home?” : The funniest dialogues from Ebay classifieds Fullscreen ©Screenshot/Reddit

Generally speaking, many people seem to have a short fuse. Sometimes it is referred to as the F****” just because you don’t want to dispose of in the Background of the image to the bread basket. Another user asks the seller seriously whether he could not send the free books also at his own expense – “as a gesture of goodwill”, of course.

“Zehr good zussstandt”

to make But it’s not just the buyers, Ebay classifieds is one of the strangest places of the Internet. Sometimes there are also whimsical offerings: the E-Bike was in the vicinity of Frankfurt-charger for sale the according to the description of three-to-four cells due to rust and become unusable. In spite of the water damage for highly sensitive electronics, the seller is asking 50 euros. “Even death has its price”, mocks you on Reddit. In another offer of an open jar of Nutella is not offered (price: 2 euros), because the new formulation like. Estimated 75 grams of the chocolate hazelnut cream was already eaten, – stated in the description.

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often it takes a lot of imagination to understand what they are trying to – or the one sell at all. In an offer Very good zussstandt” – “only 1 sezon” tires will be offered”. “Hello, the pictures of me looking put in the same layout in the car and there in the garden, 48 j” I’m already three, four times to read, until you guessed what it might be.

Ebay is a world without spelling is classifieds, without punctuation, with no pleasantries and no liabilities. It would probably be easier to ask his old stuff just on the street, as Ted and Marshall in the Sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”. Even the abgewetz test-out Sofa when there’s a new owner. However, it is only a television series. The reality teaches a: Many people seems to be self-given to be too expensive.

ten dollars

man looks at a TV documentary and discovered million Fund in his AirBnB room

Frank Abrams bought for ten dollars a couple of photos at a flea market to decorate his spare room. Years later, he sees a TV documentary – then he knows who the strange men are on one of the pictures really. The image is worth millions.

By Christoph Fröhlich