an Involuntary move on Twitter: The former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has put her former Twitter Account, @AmbNikkiHaley with 1.6 million followers still.

“Due to the by the outgoing administration to invoke the rules of the U.S. Department of state, I had my personal Twitter Account, I had for years,” wrote the American politician on your new Account @Nikki Haley. As already in October announced that it had abandoned the Republican U.S. politician of the year at the end of your Post at the United Nations.

The Social-Media rules in the USA intended to prevent the politicians are winning on Twitter, many followers, and then to the task of your job to take. Your follow number needed to get Haley, but probably not a big Worry, appreciates the technology Blog “Engadget”. Within a day, around 157,000 of them are already on the new address will have to be moved.

Interesting it could be, however, when US President Donald Trump these rules would have to throw. Trump has, after all, with 56.8 million Followers on the short message service.