Thomas Gottschalk has a book not written

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Many Fans of “Game of Thrones” just wait eagerly for the final episodes, which run from April in the TV. For many years, George R. R. Martin (70) is already working on “The Winds of Winter”. It is the sixth volume of the Fantasy series “A song of ice and fire,” on which the Hit series is based. A release date is still pending, Martin wrote in his Blog: “It will not be tomorrow, and not next week, but you will get to the end of ‘A song of ice and fire’.” Whether 2019 will be the case? But even without “The Winds of Winter” is available in the coming months a lot of exciting reading – here are a few tips!

New works of the Stars

French Star author Michel Houellebecq (62) published on 7. January his new work “Serotonin”. The main character settles in it, it is so far about the novel, “with the modern society, the economy, politics and with themselves”. +++ T. C. Boyle (70) takes the reader in this country, from the 28. January invited into “The light”: Fitz is on one of the LSD parties of his Professor Leary at Harvard. It’s going to be a Revolution of consciousness and social constraints of life independent of the form. Fitz closes the Leary-force: you live in Mexico, and later in the famous commune in Millbrook, with drugs and sexual debauchery without end.

Walter Moers (61) 25. March with “The books dragon” for replenishment: In Buchhaim they tell an old story. She is from the dragon Nathaviel, no Buchling has ever seen. Hilde favor of Two makes one day on the way to the Ormsumpf, where the dragon resides. +++ With “Beyond time” appears on the 8. April volume 3 of the Trisolaris trilogy by cixin Waldorf Liu (55): As an aerospace engineer in the 21st century. Century from the cryogenic sleep is awakened, will bring you the Knowledge of a long past, a secret program in the new time. Will bring the young woman to the peace with Trisolaris falter?

Margaret Atwood (79) will present in September in addition, a sequel to her international bestseller “The Report of the maid”. The new plant is to be called “The Testament” and fifteen years after the events of volume one. It tells the story of three female figures.

celebrity books

Jürgen of the lip (70) has also written a novel: “noodle in the Wind”. the reader, starting at 10 January enjoy. +++ Expected in February, Verona Pooth (50) to give, then in the “Take everything, a lot of” tell, “as the little Miss Hamburg with grammar weakness of a multi-millionaire and one of the most successful own brand”. +++ Often, Sebastian Fitzek (47) has ensured its thrillers for goose bumps. From 20.3. he wants to explain in “fish climbing trees”, “what is important in life and how a happy life can succeed”.

Thomas Gottschalk (68) is again passed under the authors: In “the Fall” he talks about the Older of The vexing fight against the pounds:”, a curious, almost walk, 40 days without alcohol and other Attempts to keep pace with the times, lead to the calming realization: in Spite of wrinkles and wear and tear (the knee, the intervertebral disc) – with Serenity and a Dose of optimism, you can offer to the Inevitable, the end and grow old to be bitter.” The book is at the 13. In may, shortly before his 69. Birthday (18. May), to appear.

These books make for voltage

Simon Beckett (58) “eternal dead” comes on 12.2.: In the 6. Part of the best-selling series by David Hunter determined the forensic anthropologist in an abandoned hospital with horror richer past. +++ “Greed – How far would you go?”, the new Thriller by Marc Elsberg (51), appears on the 25.2.: Nobel prize winner, Herbert Thompson wants to hold a speech that could change the world, because, supposedly, he has found the formula, with the prosperity for all is possible. But he will not come, he dies in a car accident, and there is a witness who knows that it was murder…

The new Thriller from Michael Tsokos (51) is “Off” (1.3.): It is the beginning of a new True-Crime series know the coroner Paul Herzfeld, the reader already Cut off. +++ In John Grisham (63) “The Confession” (4.3.) in 1946, Pete Banning, one of the most respected citizens in Clanton shoots the pastor. In the municipality there are then only a single question: Why? +++ A new case to come in August to Jo Nesbøs (58) Harry Hole: In “knife” is not met, the Commissioner only a highly dangerous opponent, but most testing says about the book is personally his hardness. +++ “A son is given: Commissario Brunettis twenty-eighth case,” by Donna Leon (76), starting on the 22. May in the book stores.