“Among us”: Conor (Yannik Meyer) is reconciled with Larissa (Linda king), without knowing that they are false

©MG RTL D / Stefan Behrens

17:30 Uhr, RTL: play us

Conor hopes to be able soon to England to escape Eva’s proximity. He rejects an Alternative, the Larissa shows him. You, however, is not so easy. Ute has finally come to your food truck – but thanks to Benedict directly in Trouble. As you mess with him, the Situation escalates. Marc leaves it up to Jacob after his fight with Saskia to his fate. Without food and water for Jacob, desperately fighting for Survival.

at 18:10, RTL II: Köln 50667

When using a mother has to be treated with life-threatening injuries. Therefore, Bo is forced to baby-sitter. First, a little insecure, she feels increasingly more comfortable with the Small. Because of the condition of the mother has not improved at the time of their arrival in the hospital, asks the completely overwhelmed father, Bo, more on the child care. This leads to fatal consequences.

at 19:05, RTL: Everything

counts As news comes that there is a donor heart for Moritz, Michelle hope. But you must fear, if he survives the SURGERY. As Moritz’s OP because of the lack of Doctors threatens to fail, decides to take Finn for participation. He injected medication for the Tremor. But his doubts remain. As Steffi is invaded, to save Ben. He believes that the always tough Steffi can handle the well. A Mistake.

at 19:10, RTL II’s Berlin – Tag & Nacht

Peggy has two days for an important exam in the school of dance for which you are prepared meticulously Suddenly their dance is true to a partner, then Rick as a Savior in times of Need. Although she is initially relieved and grateful that he wants to help her, but then pure follows despair: Peggy quickly discovers that Rick is a terrible Cha-Cha-Cha dancer. Ultimately, you need to tell him the truth, which hurt him terribly. As Alina, the auxiliary offers free Peggy as a substitute, it must decline, unfortunately, because she definitely needs a male partner to dance with. A nervous Peggy is hoped that in the few remaining time to someone else to raise to help her.

19:40 Uhr, RTL: Good times, bad times

Chris wants to start with Lilly’s help for the next blow to Helplet. However, her Plan threatens to fail, as Lilly will be refused accreditation for the Congress. Single-handedly, Chris Philips, doctors badge procured and tried to get to the event. Paul has to build no time with Nihat party furniture and Tuner keeps Nihat for a foam bat that talks a lot but does nothing. Is the new job?