Jennifer and Andrew are also after the Finale of “The Bachelor 2019” for a Few


this year’s der Rosenkavalier, the RTL Show “The Bachelor”, Andrej Mangold (32), has awarded in the final, his last Rose of Sport and health Manager, Jennifer (25). After the last night of the roses, the two have revealed in the conversation with Frauke Ludovic (55), that they are still together. However, as the odds for her love?

exceptions to the rule?

With a look at the previous seasons of “The Bachelor” speaks out the statistics against Andrej and his Jenny. None of the couples have found each other in the RTL-dome Show, are still in a relationship. Some have already been announced in the show after the Finale, the love, others are a few months after the Show at the end of separate ways.

The greatest hopes Bachelor “Fans had set”in the” dream couple ” of the seventh season from the year 2017: Sebastian Pannek and Clea-Lacy Juhn. The two have also proved to be the final happy on their Instagram Accounts, and in Public. Clea-Lacy is at the time even der Rosenkavalier. However, in June 2018, the dream of love is shattered: The Pair has given a surprise announcement of the separation. Perhaps Andrew and Jenny set but her relationship record?

Fall in love under extreme circumstances

In an Interview with RTL, the new “Bachelor”dream couple of in the most glowing raves of each other. Andrew and Jenny are looking forward to may now as a Couple in Public and everyday things to do together. The Show is known to be filmed months before broadcast, and the need to love keep your relationship a secret. You have mastered the time, but well, they are both agreed.

After the Finale on TV, a kiss post both of them on their Instagram Accounts image from the Show and write identical: “If a picture expresses everything”. On the day after the TV broadcast, you will complete together press events. In your Instagram Stories they show up Arm-in-Arm and beams with happiness. Common plans for the future there is also.

The Interview, your next steps

Andrei told in the RTL that already the first in common-a love holiday. For the Couple it comes to Tyrol for skiing. Also about the moving in Together both seem to agree on. Currently, Andrew and Jenny have a long distance relationship, but that should change soon. Jenny, who comes from Bremen, is willing to go to Andrey, who lives in the corner of Cologne/Bonn. Their love could quite make the leap from the extreme situation in everyday life.

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