On the “Youtube Kids” are able to view children’s “favorite shows, listen to music, learn how to build a model volcano or slime-making”. Everything is safe, everything is harmless, thanks to a “whole series of youth protection settings”. So the Google group Alphabet video platform advertises itself.

It is also a native of the U.S. state of Florida, the saw with your son on the “Youtube Kids” cartoon videos believed. However, in the middle of the video, was appeared a little not at all child-friendly, reported, among other things, the broadcaster CNN. Thus, a man with sun glasses suddenly appeared and explained to the children how you could get your wrists slit.

“Youtube Kids,”spokeswoman defends

Startled, the mother is informed, among other things, the children’s doctor Free Hess, who wrote on her Blog about the phenomenon. The Doctor called Known to report the Video with the suicide instructions, only after a week, the Youtube Kids have removed the Film – but a little later it showed up again. “It makes me angry and sad and frustrated,” said Hess to CNN. “I’m a pediatrician and I see more and more children with self-injuries and suicide attempts. I’m sure that social media and such things help.”


murder-Videos: How Facebook react want

By Daniel Wüstenberg

Hess went on “Youtube Kids” now on the search for such Videos and was in luck: you’ve found on the children’s portal to numerous movies, among other things, sexual abuse, human trafficking, gun violence or domestic violence that is glorified. “There were so many movies that I had to stop,” CNN quoted the Hess. You claimed that “Youtube Kids” must make more effort to questionable to discover sequences in the supposedly harmless Videos and remove.

A spokeswoman for the platform said the “Washington Post”, to ensure that “Youtube Kids” “is not used to promote dangerous behavior”. There are “strict guidelines”. In order to guarantee the compliance of the company, on “the feedback of users and intelligent detection technology”. The latter will be continuously developed. “We remove the majority of such Videos before they can be considered”, said the spokesperson.

Who is behind the shocking Videos in the guise of a children’s clip, is unclear. Pediatrician Hess appealed to parents: “We must all work together to protect our children.” Mothers and fathers should, for example, your children are never alone Videos on the Internet look.

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