The chip group Infineon wants to improve with a new Generation of sensor that is currently used by LG for face recognition, has also intensified the Smartphone photography.

The new model, the resolution has been increased of 37,000 to 150,000 pixels, such as Infineon Manager Philip of seemingly urban at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona said.

The Chip can also be used for the Measurement of the environment – for example, for the so-called augmented reality (Augmented Reality), in the case of artificial objects on a screen in real environments. A further application of photography with the Bokeh effect, where the Background is artificially blurred to appear.

The Sensor works with the Time-of-Flight technology, in the case of an object with photons is fired, and a Sensor measures how fast you come back from the objects is radiated. This results in a cloud of 3D points representing the environment.

LG built in its new Smartphone model G8 ThinQ as the first of the a year ago of Infineon in Barcelona shown Sensor, and sets him in addition to the facial identification to Unlock the phone via vein recognition.

Apple had brought out with the sophisticated FaceID technology in the fall of 2017, released iPhone X the face detection in Smartphones to a new level. The Munich-based Infineon group wants to offer its chip sensors, manufacturers of smart phones with the Google Android System as safe technology that is cheap and reliable functioning.

The Time-of-Flight technology is used, for example, machines such as Autonomous robotic systems in factories and their environment. In the case of cars, such Sensors may sample at a distance of 50-60 metres, instead of the significantly more expensive Laserradare the environment, said Bernd Buxbaum of the Siegener company pmdtechnologies, which developed the sensor chip together with Infineon, in Barcelona.