Twitter has for the first time completed an entire fiscal year in the black and in the fourth quarter, with record revenues recorded.

investors responded however, a negative impact on the financial report. The business Outlook remained below expectations.

For the current quarter was Twitter a turnover of between 715 million and $ 775 million. The stock fell in pre-market at times of around eight percent.

In the three months to the end of December, sales increased compared with the previous year’s value by 24 percent to about 909 million dollars. The Surplus rose of 91.1 million to 255,3 million dollars (80.4 million euros). So that Twitter earned more than expected.

for the First time, the short message service also published the number of its daily users. This value allows for a better comparability with rivals such as Facebook, or Snap, grew compared to the previous quarter by 1.6 percent to 126 million Users. Snapchat came in last on 186 million daily active users, Facebook to 1.52 billion.

The number of monthly active users has declined, however, to 321 million once again clearly. Twitter is trying to critique, due to baiting, Spam, and Fake Accounts, the mucking platform. The Offensive against fake and dubious Profiles, the spread of such hate messages and political Propaganda, also allows the user to drop figures.

throughout the past fiscal year 2018 Twitter made a net profit of $ 1.2 billion in the previous year, there had been a loss of 108.1 million. Thus, launched in 2006, this business delivered a profit for the year. Revenues have increased by around a quarter to 3.0 billion dollars.