Shortly before the conclusion of a test of high-speed Internet connections on the Basis of 5G technology in Hamburg, Telefónica Germany has drawn up a positive balance sheet.

“are The experiences so far are promising,” said spokesman Jörg Borm in the Hanseatic city. In this Test, for the first time specifically used 5G frequencies in the 26 GHz Band, it is possible to surf with multiple Gigabit-per-second with lightning speed on the Internet.

It is a wireless connection from a distribution box in an apartment. The technology is “Fixed Wireless Access” (FWA) on the Basis of the fifth generation mobile technology 5G is intended primarily for rural areas and small towns, and should be, according to the company Alternative to traditional DSL or cable TV connection. The advantage of the high frequency, the spread was similar to that of light, lying in the achievable bandwidth, explained Telefónica. The range spent a maximum of a kilometre. Thick walls was a challenge, but there are solutions for this, said Borm.

The three-month Test with around 20 customers in the Hanseatic city took part, according to information from Telefónica, whether households may also be without the time-consuming Laying of glass fiber cables with high-quality Gigabit connections supplied.

The test customer to the rapid FWA solution will be interviewed in the coming weeks. Only then should be decided whether it becomes a commercial product would be developed and how a business model might look like, – said Borm. Supported the Test from the Korean technology company Samsung.

The abbreviation ” 5G ” stands for the fifth Generation of mobile communications, the data transmission is to be dramatically faster than LTE. So 5G can be even faster than current fixed-network lines. The auction of frequency blocks is planned for this spring, commercial 5G-towers are likely to go in larger scale, but not until 2020 in operation.