Heidi Klum is also 2019 to search for “Germany’s next Topmodel”

©ProSieben/Richard Hübner

Finally re-distributed the photos: “Germany’s next Topmodel” in the 14. Round. For many young girls, it is a big dream, to compete in the talent show in front of the camera, and finally with the help of Heidi Klum (45) as a Model to start. The majority of female candidates prior to their participation, the audience was completely unknown. But: in 2019, there are also a few familiar faces.

candidate Yara

Yara has already established a fan base – as Influencerin. The 19-Year-old from rocky mountain has swimwear with your Instagram Account _yaraline_ so far, around 40,000 Followers, with her Fashion, and Lifestyle-can collect images. The freshly minted high school graduate wants to focus in 2019 on the Model and your Influencer-existence. A special Fan is always behind you: your friend Tobias Reuter modeling as a main job and is also in demand on Instagram (480.000 subscribers). “With honesty and your straight kind of” want to Yara the modeling industry is encouraging, as they revealed in the ProSieben Interview.

candidate Catharina

Catharina from Dortmund can to support your friend’s build. The is none other than football player Felix Götze (20), the little brother of Mario Götze (26). However, the 19-Year-old does not want to stand in his shadow and a name for yourself. “He also says this is my thing, that’s why he doesn’t want to interfere there at all. He has his Sport and that’s his thing,” said Catharine to ProSieben. With around 13,000 Instagram subscribers on your Account catharinamaranca the aspiring Model has already built up a small Fanbase which will grow with your “GNTM” – participation. Tips for the model business they get from their mom. Which is self-since the age of 17 working as a Model.

candidate Bianca

Bianca-Olivia (23), with the Ex-Participant of Larissa Marolt (26) something in common: they have both been candidates for “Austria’s next Topmodel”. During Marolt won the 2009 talent show, managed to Bianca 2015 only until episode seven. Now she wants to be in Germany again your luck and to the top model named try. As a Model she is, like her Instagram-reveals a page that is already successful and made it on the Cover of “Women’s Health”. Whether or not you can benefit from your experience and the candidate a step ahead? Bianca is in any case sure that you will convince with your “Austrian charm”, as she told ProSieben.

candidate Enisa

Also Enisa, which has lived for two years in Hamburg, would like to emerge at the end of “GNTM”-the winner in 2019. Attentive YouTube Fans know, the 24-year-old Swede. She is the girlfriend of Simon Desue (27), with 3.9 million followers, one of the most successful German Youtubers. Together with him she produced Videos for the Portal, and is as Instagram-Influencerin and by the way, working as a Model. But that is not enough for her: “I want to work as a supermodel, not only as a Influencerin,” she said in the Broadcast Interview.

candidate Vanessa

Has it ever necessary to fight through the “GNTM”-Challenges? Because candidate Vanessa has done it actually, and already conquered the modeling world, how do you track your Instagram Account. You already for Fashion Shows and landed an advertising job. The Model 21 has begun this Year already 14 years, as told to ProSieben. She could be a tough competition for their comrades-in-arms.

Whether the candidate will have some presence on YouTube and co., or by their previous experience in model business is actually an advantage, it will show starting today, every Thursday at 20.15 clock in the case of “Germany’s next Topmodel” on ProSieben.