Given the problems with the Deutsche Bahn, the Greens have called for a far-reaching restructuring of the group. “The Federal government must ensure that the group prepares themselves,” said group chief Anton Hofreiter of the süddeutsche Zeitung.

smaller companies would need to be conducted to the rail together, a Chaos of responsibilities. “The various other subsidiaries, such as DB Netz, the railway company’s Station & Service and DB energy, all for the power to be responsible, need to merge to an infrastructure company,” said Hofreiter. “Without clear responsibilities and the billions of investments can run into the Void.”

Necessary is a separation of network and transport business, said Hofreiter. The Green set on more competition, if the railway network is independent from the Rest of the group. Hofreiter also recruited for part-privatisation. “The sale of daughter companies, such as Arriva and Schenker could bring fresh money into the Fund to tackle projects.”

A report of the ARD-MAGAZIN Kontraste had on Thursday the problems at the Deutsche Bahn. Therefore, only one out of every five ICE “is fully functional”. Mainly due to a lack of staff in the workshops. The railroad stressed that even small comfort constraints such as fancy coffee machines were included in the statistics, the safety is ensured.