From the Search, and Find real treasures: On the Swabian Alb, the creation of the world is still hand-work. Twelve segments, made of special paper at the bottom of each with a small piece of the South pole – Nestle good glued to a hand-blown crystal glass ball. May they overlap each other just so that the shadows look fine as longitude. This is the basic principle, the Columbus Verlag builds for more than 110 years globes.

About 80 different models of Columbus offers in series production, the smallest measures a diameter of twelve inches, the largest is two metres. For Explorer types there’s the world in shades of brown, for purists, all in White, for friends of the upscale establishment on a frame from a 400-year-old bog oak.

And for those who prefer glittering, Highlights with rhinestones. “Personalization is always in demand is stronger,” says Torsten Oestergaard, who leads the company in fourth Generation. “Today we produce 100 globes in the month, according to individual specifications. If you want a globe to match your Sofa, we are.” In this way, as well as high-quality workmanship and innovations Columbus through against competition from China.

The globes, a long time ago with Smartphones to communicate. Via the App an extra Dimension to the ball: On the phone Display appear suitable to the respective Region, the weather data and satellite images.

The individualization and digitalization of the production reflected also in Online Marketing. For some years now, Torsten Oestergaard Google Ads on. The campaigns he manages together with his son Niklas, who has entered Recently into the company.

An example of a Google Ads display (photo: Google)

The two have now created a Portfolio of Ads that are placed on terms at certain times in connection with particular search adapted on a regional basis. “I particularly like the Option to Orient the Display to certain groups of customers,” says Niklas Oestergaard. “So, I of the respective target group can view the Version with the appropriate Text.”

A Webshop maintains the Columbus publishing since 1999. The use of Google Ads brought in the past few years, a lot of new customers to the website of Baden-württemberg. “Through Google Ads, we had rates in the past year alone, double-digit growth,” says Torsten Oestergaard: more than 13 percent of the Online sales rose compared to the previous year.

The Oestergaards see in the E-Commerce huge potential. Soon, Columbus is globes a new employee that deals exclusively with the placement of Google Ads. “We use just a fraction of the opportunities available to us in the Online Marketing available,” says Torsten Oestergaard. “With Google Ads, we get people and their wishes directly to us.”

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