On a bike often apply different rules than for car drivers and motorcycle riders. However, even those who drive every day bike, often wonder what he is allowed and what is not. Five popular misconceptions – and what is really.

mistake 1: It is forbidden to overtake with the wheel on the right

Wrong: According to the StVO (§5, Abs. 8) are likely to cyclists vehicles on the right lane to overtake at a moderate speed and caution on the right. For example, at a red light or in a traffic jam, so in stationary traffic. But only if there is enough space, it is called by the German lawyers ‘ hotline. If you do not come over, have to wait and the cars are not obliged to leave the place.

mistake 2: On the bike I can’t lose my driver’s license

That is not true. Under various conditions, the driving licence authority can doubt, that the person is suitable for the roads. The most important example: Driving under the influence of alcohol. From 1.6 per thousand, a Bicycle driver is absolutely non-operational. Who is caught, must reckon with points in Flensburg and a fine. In addition, the authority may order a medical-psychological examination – the one who falls, loses his license, possibly completely. Also, anyone who rides a Bicycle on Red, can lose his driver’s license: there points, and if you exceed the maximum number, a driving ban as a result.

mistake 3: Two cyclists may not be next to each other

driving Under the circumstances, you are allowed to drive side by side: Then, “if the traffic will not be hindered” (§2, Abs. 4 StVO). According to the lawyer hotline is for instance the case if a car can at least comply with the 1.5 metre distance for Overtaking. The roadway is too narrow for it, you must cyclists ride one behind the other. A larger group of bikers should even go, just the two side by side: this is Because a Association is overtaking cars easier to work on than a long snake in a row-moving cyclists. Furthermore, Because in low traffic areas, only step speed to drive, and cars are not allowed to overtake, therefore, it is allowed, next to each other – if Cycling is permitted generally.

mistake 4: cyclists must always use the cycle path

do not use The is quite correct. Since the StVO amendment to the 1997 Bicycle paths are to be used only if you signed a traffic sign (round, white Bicycle on a blue Background). Contrary to the opinion of many motorists, cyclists must use a bike path that runs parallel to the road, necessarily.

mistake 5: Without a helmet you are wearing a part of the blame for his injuries

Automatically does not apply here, the individual decides. It exists in Germany, although there is no legal helmet requirement. However, a court gave debt a severely injured Radlerin a part, that led to a legal uncertainty. According to the lawyer hotline of the Federal court of justice clarified, as the Supreme civil court: everyday and leisure – time cyclists without a helmet is not always a part of the blame for injuries sustained. Who is with the mountain bike or road bike on the road, can wear without a helmet due to the higher risk of injury, a higher complicity.