“the only thing that counts”: Jenny appeals to Deniz, to give their love another Chance

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Ute comes up behind the real reason for Conors return, and tries to prevent a looming disaster. Saskia has not processed Jacob’s detention still. Because you discovered a rogue wedding gift that changed everything completely. Meanwhile, Rufus is accused of Britta wrong. But when he wants to apologize to her, take the things of a sudden an unexpected turn.

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Jan is proud as Bolle, as he is finally officially a part owner of the Cage. However, the first Team Meeting, goes neatly in the pants. With a new business idea, he loses almost the entire female workforce, because the girls have no desire to, as a sexy Shot to run Girls through the area. Jan of despair is near, but then Dolly shows up, fortunately, and offers to take the Job.

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Zoe is stunned when her a summons for child abduction into the house and flutters. She sees herself as a major victim of a frame-up thing, and appeals to Antje, your statement to take back, or at least mitigate. Finally, she has acted only out of love. As Antje refuses and Jannes is supposedly in the back, feels Zoe of the whole world betrayed. But when she meets her coked-up friend, Karla, her painfully before our eyes, how great is the abyss, from which your everyday life is.

at 19:05, RTL: Everything

Michelle is one realizes how difficult it is for Moritz falls, at the time of his recovery process with the necessary patience. You can find a way to make him happy. Meanwhile, succeeds Jenny, Deniz come back slowly, but the reconciliation has for Deniz a bitter taste in my mouth. Ingo mired deeper and deeper in his white lie, because Steffi wants to help him to conquer his alleged crush.

19:40 Uhr, RTL: Good times, bad times

Lilly has a terrible suspicion. As she is about to confront Chris, she finds some gasoline and empty bottles in his trailer. He wants to lead the fight with Molotov cocktails? Tuner, Paul and Nihat manage to find Nihats fantasy the buried pieces of gold. Since the dealer does not know, however, the rightful owner, the three decide to keep the Gold. But then, you can find an associated document.