Fans of Pumuckl can look forward to a TV-Comeback of the red-headed Goblin From 15. April 2019 shows the BR TV from Monday to Thursday, depending on a double episode of the 13-part series “Pumuckls adventure” from the year 1999, as the station announced. From 2020, the BR TV will take all of the 52 digitally restored and in HD-treated episodes of “master Eder and his Pumuckl”.


Pumuckls bed appears again after 40 years – this is a love story

“The Wait has an end,“ said BR-TV Director Reinhard Scolik. “Finally, we can show the adventures of the little Goblin back in the BR TV.“ The last of the series, which ran for about Pumuckl in the year 2011. Due to a complicated legal situation, no charisma, had since then have been possible, it said.

Amazon Prime, there are Pumuckl to see again

Previously announced, Amazon Prime Video, the popular leprechaun on the screens back. On 1. March start, therefore, the 52 episodes of “Meister Eder and his Pumuckl” – also “out decked in a new guise” – on the Video-Streaming Service. From 1982 to 1989, the Original series with Gustl Bayrhammer as Meister Eder. Hans Clarin borrowed the Kobold Pumuckl his voice.

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