Apple is popping up in its next iPhone models, according to information from a renowned analysts in the industry trend to more cameras.

this year’s devices would still have an Ultra-wide angle to get the lens in addition to the two previous, wrote to Ming-Chi Kuo of the company TF International Securtities in a Sunday report published. Among other improvements, an iPhone with its battery wirelessly to other devices to charge.

in addition, Apple wants to detect the face feature FaceID improve through more advanced Hardware. The composition of the model range – two versions with OLED Display, with a better LCD screen remain unchanged.

Ming-Chi Kuo is considered to be well-networked in the supply chain and delivered in the past few years, the correct information about new Apple devices. Its reports are intended for paying customers – traditionally, specialized Blogs, such as “Macrumors or Apple Insider, however, get” access to it.

According to the analysts, Apple wants to expand in this year, the model range of the MacBook Pro Laptops and is planning a larger Version with a 16 to 16.5 inch large Display. So far, there are models with 13 and 15 inch screen size.