this year’s jungle candidates, especially on the pillow as a luxury item

©MG RTL D / Arya Shirazi

field beds, campfire, and outhouse – if on 11. January, the RTL Show “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” in a new season comes, have to do without the celebs, as usual, on luxury. Running water is there only in the Form of a waterfall.

The rules of the transmitter are: watches, books, Newspapers, and mobile phones must make the participants before entering the jungle camp. Contact with the outside world or help it. The celebs need to self-ignite the fire, water boiling, prepare food, or the toilet empty and clean. Five cigarettes are allowed for each smoker per day. Alcohol, sweets, and other luxury goods can develop the Stars, only due to the Solving of other tasks, says RTL.

Two luxury items allowed to take to the Stars

Everyone is allowed to take only two luxury items in the Camp. What will be revealed to the candidates according to the RTL in advance. “Popsicle”-Star Sibylle Rauch (58) grabs a pillow and cuddly blanket, Bob-Olympic gold medallist Sandra kiriasis and her (44) Pareo and wet wipes. In the case of an actress Doreen Dietel (44), it is the face cream and a stuffed animal. The Model Gisele Oppermann (31), which also has a not yet described in detail Talisman in the Luggage.

Without her lipstick, in contrast, Ex-“Bachelor”contestant Evelyn Burdecki (30) nothing, she puts on a face cream. Sex expert Leila Lowfire (26) wants to maintain her face in the Camp with a Oil, the is located together with a pillow in your suitcase for Australia.

“sausage man” Chris Töpperwien (44) in the jungle camp, apparently, that the hairstyle is: hair dye and hair gel are two luxury items. “Alf”-voice of Tommi Piper (77) secures in contrast, with a neck pillow and a walking cane for a little comfort, while the fresh-baked father, Domenico de Cicco (35) seem to know how comfortable a pillow can be. The former “Bachelorette”candidate packs also hair mousse.

Reality TV Star Bastian Yotta (42) wet wipes and a pillow in the suitcase. The latter is also the only luxury items, the “GZSZ”Star Felix van Deventer (22). A pillow is also provided by singer Peter Orloff (74) takes also the weights.

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