photos of children of Prominent, private addresses of musicians, personnel ID copies of members of Parliament – thousands of data published Unknown over the next few weeks on the Internet. Who is behind the attack on the privacy of hundreds of politicians, is not known. The competent authorities have now taken up the investigation, including the Cyber-defence centre, the Federal criminal police office and of the protection of the Constitution.. it is also Unclear whether the data have actually been hacked, or otherwise to the Criminal.

what is Clear, however: The data leaks were carefully plays orchestrated: To find documents about a now banned Twitter Account that was set up in February, 2015.

On the 24. November of last year, the operator announced: “Soon the advent calendar Event! Stay tuned, it could be for some, too violent”.


The Links to the data sets, a Twitter Account, spread over several weeks

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From the 1. up to the 24. December open every day one “little door” in the Form of Links to the data sets. It was begun with the publication of private information from the life of a TV presenter, up to Christmas eve, publications on other celebrities: actors, musicians, Youtubers, journalists followed daily. 20. December reached to the Leaks, the political Berlin: First of all, data of the FDP have been released-the politicians, the left party, the greens, the SPD followed and on 24. December, the CDU and the CSU.

data is called first little reactions

Various analysis tools show that the published Account even before the “advent calendar”, more than 16,000 Followers (at the last count, a good 17,000), the Tweets would have been, theoretically, can be played. Nevertheless, the publications suggested no large waves. A sample of the followers of the account showed, however, that these have often showed no activities in the social network and, therefore, the explosive revelations may not be more widely used. Retweet, reply and favorite numbers in the single digits among the Tweets speak for a passive follow crowd.

On Thursday, were widely left to the private data, apparently, via the Twitter Account of the Youtubers “unplayed”. The Vlogger Simon Unge turned in a Video to his Fans, in which he reported that his Twitter Account had been hacked. There are any news about any Celebrities or politicians, had been distributed “in Germany,” said the 28-Year-old, unaware that it is probably the largest data leak of this kind in Germany. With the spread on the Twitter Account Unges the Links to the politician and celebrity documents were theoretically tens of thousands of followers.

Concerned, politicians have to learn also, apparently, only on the Thursday evening of the Leak. “We are engaged since yesterday evening with the topic and ensure to inform our people,” said a spokesman for the SPD on the Friday of the German press Agency. The Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB), the first reported about the data collection, writes: “The late (Thursday, ed.) Morning the Problem reached the group of guides in the Bundestag, who are engaged since then in order to assess the damage.” The Federal Ministry of the interior also wants to know “recently” of the Leak, a spokesman in Berlin said.

On Friday morning, the RBB reported for the first time about the unprecedented incident. Since then he is on everyone’s lips – and a case to the security authorities.

sources: RBB