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Directly with the customer on Facebook to write pictures on Instagram to spread – social networks are for companies to be tremendously useful. However, they offer cords, new case. The Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei experienced now. On Twitter, the company sent to greet a Tweet with the new year. The content itself was trivial, significantly spicy, the four words that were displayed directly in the message were: “Via Twitter for iPhone”. The formulation shows that the Tweet was not sent from a Huawei Smartphone with the Android operating system, but from a phone of its competitor Apple.

A breakdown, which is also happened to other companies. The official Nigerian Samsung Account applied for a job at the end of November on Twitter, the Galaxy Note 9, the Post was also sent from an iPhone. Samsung responded to known to be panicked and deleted the whole Account. However, Screenshots of the Malheurs spread in the network.

Huawei staff will be down

downgraded For discussions of the handling by Huawei but now. As the news Agency Reuters reported, the group investigated the incident. An internal Memo is the in-between case, “damage to the brand Huawei,” claimed, Director of communications and Huawei Board member Chen Lifang. Two employees should be for the slip-up responsible.

The Problem had originated from Reuters, because Tweets are usually sent via a Desktop PC, Twitter of censorship reasons in China but is not accessible. Therefore, you must have access to VPN services to be able to the messages to send. In this case, that didn’t work, however. To send the message on time, at midnight, to relocate the employee to an iPhone.

This has consequences for the employees: Both were demoted and the salary will be reduced for the next 12 months, not counting 730 euros per month.

sources: Reuters

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