Vladimir Burlakov (l.) and Daniel Straesser, the new lead investigator in the Saar-“Tatort”

©[M] Puria Safary / Niklas Vogt

you are Now the successor is On the actor Devid Striesow and Elisabeth Brück new commissioners in the Saar-“Tatort”: Vladimir Burlakov (32, “Iron Sky: The Coming Race”) as Leo woods and Daniel Straesser (32, “Charité”) as Adam Schürk the investigators to guide the future of the team in Sunday’s Thriller of the Saarländischer Rundfunk. Also new on Board Brigitte Urhausen as the main Commissioner Esther Baumann, Ines Marie Western ströer as the main Commissioner Pia Heinrich and Anna Böttcher as a legal practitioner Dr. Henny Wenzel.

The native of Moscow and in Berlin and Vladimir Burlakov is looking forward to his new role: “at the risk of sounding a little sentimental and pathetic: I thought of my mom, who brought my sister and me to Germany. The first years in Germany I lived in Asylum centres, and I’m damn proud of myself that all the hard work of learning German up to the acting diploma at the Otto Falckenberg school is paying off. In short: I’m overjoyed and grateful,” he is quoted by the broadcaster.

Saarland the Saar-“Tatort”

Devid Striesow

Everything, just not the imposter

Carsten Heidböhmer

the native of the Saarland Daniel Straesser, it is even a real home game. “The task in my last Job I had in Saarbrücken, was on Staden in the beer garden, Merguez to grill, and pin the crotch. Today, eleven years later, I return, prodigal son, home, can call myself a chief Commissioner, a fictional crook hunt and try murder cases to educate. And this is all on the side of the wonderful Vladimir Burlakov. I think it’s wonderfully absurd, and the thought alone makes me radiate joy,” said Straesser the transmitter.

The new Team will start soon in the first case. “The first Burlakov-Straesser-‘the scene’ will be filmed next week in Saarbrücken, Püttlingen,” says Martin Hofmann, Executive Director of the PRO SAAR media production GmbH and producer of the SR-“crime scene”. The prelude got it for the commissioners. “He catapults you into the midst of the turmoil of a feuding Saarland’s family, in which everyone hated everybody and a brother to murder is at least in the area of the Possible,” says Hofmann.

commenting on the figures, SR-“crime scene”-editor, Christian Bauer ever so much: “The two main commissioners do Not have a common past: only that they are childhood friends who have not seen each other for over 15 years – it is also linked by a dark secret from the past that overshadowed her goodbye”.