London (Reuters) – had Tweeted you already, now Queen Elizabeth II (92) has also published its own first contribution to the photo-platform Instagram. This has informed the British Royal family on Thursday. On a Instagram Video was to see how the monarch tapped on a Tablet Computer. The king’s house regularly informed in social networks about the activities and news of the Royals.

the occasion of the first personal Instagram Posts of the 92-Year-old was a visit to the Science Museum in London. You have seen a letter from the Royal archives, the Computer pioneer Charles Babbage in 1843, to your great-great-grandfather, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, ‘ve written, it was just a photo of the historic document. Babbage had reports of his “Analytical Engine” (Analytical engine) – a precursor to the computer.

“Today I had the pleasure of taking some initiatives to Computer programming for children to learn, and it seems to me appropriate that I publish this Instagram Post at the Science Museum, which has Long been known for technology and Innovation occurs, and the next Generation of inventors, inspired,” says the Queen.

The post signed as an official document with “Elizabeth R.”. In this case, the R is for the Latin “Regina,” Queen. 2014 you had marked as your own first Tweet – also in the Science Museum.