Luke Perry died on March 4. March, at the age of 52 years of age to the effects of a stroke

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The message of Luke Perry’s (1966-2019) death last Monday was a shock for all the “Riverdale”Fans. Since episode one he played Fred Andrews, the father of main character Archie Andrews (KJ Apa). How to go to Perry’s death and his role, know so far only the people responsible for the series. In the new episode, which is in this country see today in the case of Netflix, had Perry a brief appearance.

About 35 minutes, the Fans in the 14. A result of the third season of the series on Luke Perry wait. In the Episode called “Chapter forty-nine: Twin Peaks” appears Fred Andrews, as his son is attacked with a knife. Caring Fred takes care of Archie and cared for his wounds. Then he finds on the kitchen floor a playing card – “Kill the red Paladin”. To him is clear: His son should be brought to the track. This was probably his last scene?

what now?

It may not have been the last appearance of Luke Perry in “Riverdale”. Season three will include a total of 22 episodes. It is not all of them are still in the box, a few, however, will be most likely to have been pre-produced with Luke Perry as Fred Andrews. Whether he will do it again, and that is what the audience appreciates, according to series producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (44)? On Twitter, he published on Wednesday a picture of the Crew and wrote to Fred in the episode doing what he does best: “He helps Archie”.

Even if the people in charge of the series should decide to let Luke Perry not again appear, he remains omnipresent. At the end of Episode 14 the actor, the on 4 was. March had died of a stroke, paid tribute. Not on Netflix, but in the American edition of “Riverdale”, which is shown in the TV channel The CW. Producer, Aguirre-Sacasa has announced that all the remaining episodes of season three will be dedicated to the late Luke Perry.