Stefanie Giesinger is the candidate’s makeover

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Many of the Fans support and cheer every year, this episode, it is handled with scissors and color: For this year’s candidates of “Germany’s next Topmodel” is the big makeover. Heidi Klum (45) will miss with a team of hair experts the girl a new Look. The Before-and-After-effect more or less extreme fail. The first Details for the Highlight of the episode have already been announced.

tears are pre-programmed

displays A first Trailer that it will also come in this year, although the girls know the infamous day, to tears, to shock rigid and Frustration. While Theresa anxiously yet joyfully, “Now let’s go” stressed Luna, what do you think of the makeover: “I’m mad”. Enisa will have to adjust as well as Lena on a new hair color, Leonela is a lot of hair and Justine a stark shift is not imminent, even though your friend is not on the changes in his beloved, as she herself reveals. There is the use of only a little that Heidi Klum affirms: “As many hairs as this year we have extended never!” For shocked faces, only Klum makeover plans.

Jasmine returns to the “GNTM”. After a week, they had to do in Germany “things” that pushes you to the other candidates that have obtained in the Heidi Klum hometown of Los Angeles the model Villa. At Jasmine’s arrival, the enthusiasm is very limited. Reason Jasmine was not very empathic behavior towards the departing Celine. That Jasmine can now return, do not fit in with their comrades-in-arms at all. “Everything was perfect here, without you. Because I am honest with myself,” Lena in front of the camera.

2019, the girls receive special support

In the past seasons, especially Heidi Klum on the sequence in which you style your hair finally the girl according to your wishes can be pleased. This joy will you stand in this year with someone to share The “GNTM”-winner of the ninth season, Stefanie Giesinger (22), as a guest judge on the girls side. The successful Model is especially glad that she was allowed to be in this episode. “I’m happy when I can say to the girls: honestly, it’s just hair – chilling time!” Giesinger said before your visit to the ProSieben Interview.

With short hair for the win

If the most courageous candidate to be rewarded for your perseverance and for “GNTM” in the front of the land, made their decision in a couple of weeks. It will be a great advantage can be to say goodbye to his old Look and to trust the stylists to prove three candidates who were able to take the victory home. First of all, Lena Gercke (31) won in 2006 with a major makeover missed short hair and was named the first “GNTM”-winner ever. Then Gercke could not believe in the model business.

In the third season, Jennifer Hof (27) hair was getting shorter and shorter – by the end they could win. And 2016 winner Kim Hnizdo (23), had to trade in your long hair very involuntarily against a Pixie that brought her happiness. Which Looks are chosen by Heidi Klum for this year’s candidates, know Fans today, Thursday, at 20:15 clock on ProSieben. Who would want to miss the candidate’s inner self a new Look, you can try a large “Online makeover” on the ProSieben website as a Stylist and the girl virtually three different hairstyles on your head can conjure up.