Benjamin Long done makes Svenja Schorling a marriage proposal on TV


Said: “Who wants to be a millionaire?”-Candidate Benjamin Long (27) made his girlfriend Svenja Schorling on Monday evening in the German TV show over the phone a marriage proposal, after he had been able to solve with the help of her brother, the 64,000-Euro question.

“Svenja, I love you. Do you want to marry me?” romantic has not responded, the blonde only a little less with a “don’t fuck with me.” But then the Moderator Günther Jauch (62) rushed the young man to help and confirmed his loving request. “This is the first marriage proposal in the history of ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?'”, he said stirred also.

In the subsequent broadcast of the “Extra – The RTL magazine” was the engaged Couple, then again the topic. Accordingly, the wedding preparations are on-going. And here, too, the bride was presented in the spe of the cool side: “Benny always wanted to marry, and if he needs it necessarily, then I do,” said Svenja.