so Far, a lot of algae, known only in combination with Sushi


In Indonesia, Singapore or Vietnam annually consumes several million tons of algae. Now the trend is spilled wave after Germany. Brown-, Red -, or blue-green algae, which grow in up to a hundred meters sea is deep, there are now also in the North of Europe or from a controlled Freshwater. No matter whether in a Dashi broth, Maki rolls, or Packed in capsules, algae have huge potential.

Therefore, we should include more algae to eat

The great advantage of algae is that they to the bottom of the food chain and the energy of the sun to a very high share in food energy. Only a ray of light is enough for you. In addition, the algae requires no arable land and produces 30 times more Oil than rapeseed or Corn. But not only in the area of sustainability, also on the subject of health, the Alga seems to have advantages.

A Top-of-the ingredient of the algae: Astaxanthin, a carotenoid. The bright red dye, we find, among other things, in salmon, the crabs eat who have previously eaten algae. This active ingredient is a hundred times stronger than Vitamin E and is designed to reduce fatigue, the health of the eyes, strengthen and protect the skin. In addition, The natural dye Chlorophyll. This is rich in iron and Magnesium and is optimal for a detox.

you should look for when buying

As with all foods with algae but do not overdo it: dried, you can contain a lot of Iodine which can be harmful for the thyroid gland. In addition, the Alga contains no Vitamin B12, a micronutrient that the body needs to live. The Plant can bind because of their high filter performance in addition, the pollutants or pesticides and enriching. So a tip: always be on the origin and method of production of the products and not too much of it to eat.