This waterfall in the United States seems to glow

©Phitha Tanpairoj/ Shutterstock.com

Many onlookers it attracts this time of year in California’s Yosemite national Park. But not, for example, rare animals, or to make a Hiking-Tour. The reason for the rush of a waterfall. The Horsetail fall turns to only a few days in the year, in a fire case.

In the second half of February it is so far, then, the perfect conditions are met. The sky must be crystal clear and not a cloud can be seen. The evening sun must hit at the correct angle on the waterfall, so that this shines in tones of gold. As the Horsetail-case results over the year only a little water, is the phenomenon of fire, if only from the middle to the end of February. Then came the Horsetail leads to melt sufficient water through the snow.

all conditions, visitors can marvel at the unique light effect on the Eastern cliff edge of El Capitan. But only if you take a walk of about an hour. Although you can drive up to the visitors ‘ Parking lot, from there it is but just to walk to the view point. After all – this year do not need to register onlookers in advance, online, to the optical illusion. Unlike in 2018, as the crowd was so enormous that without prior reservation, and nothing worked.

Since 1973 the photographer Galen Rowell took the first photo from the fire in case of pilgrims annually flock to Horsetail fall, always with the Finger on the camera shutter button and waiting for “flowing fire” plunges into the depths.