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It continues with the Berlin-fever: until may 2019 will be the third season of “Babylon Berlin” filmed and some of the extras are apparently still roles vacant. The Agency and the labor market in North Rhine-Westphalia, calls with a job opening now to an open Casting. Potential extras must meet certain criteria. The Agency reveals these Details about some of the scenes of the new season?

500 extras as well as small cast and days roles are Sought, both male and female between 0 and 80 years, “the gangsters, cops, passers-by, hangman, pub guests, prison guards, high-ranking military officers and politicians” to play. As a further scene of a major make-out scene is well planned, because for the Couples looking for. “For a special scene we are looking for a lot of men and women who are ready to kiss passionately (18-60 years).”

A further role is also very specifically written out in full: we are looking for a small, vigorous man, “drawn from life”. “We need, in other situations, a small-sized man, and Original-a waiter, a priest and a carpenter. It can be both normal as well as from life-drawn faces and bodies (for example, bald, one-armed or -legged).”

The usual other tenders are rather “normal”. “Children aged 6 months to 8 years of age – even twins – can come into the orphanage scenes. We also have to find 50 women, the prison inmates play.”

What should the main character Gereon Rath (Volker Bruch)? Orphans, one-legged, women in prisons, and romantic kisses – sounds like some of the Action for the war-torn investigator. Previously known to the third season is that the plot will take place ten months after the events of seasons one and two. Gereon Rath, you need to determine on a film set, where an actress from a headlight was slain. It was an accident – or murder?

what it’s About in “Babylon Berlin”

the venue is Berlin, in 1929. The metropolis is located right in the middle of the 20s in transition: culture, politics, Economy and world are in turmoil. Growing poverty and unemployment are the luxurious nightlife and excesses. In the midst of it, The young Commissioner Gereon Rath, who moved from Cologne to Berlin, in order to solve a blackmail case. Soon, however, the simple case is expanded to a scandal about drugs, politics, murder, and extremism.

will be on display Until the new episodes of the hit series, was able to scrounge among other things, a Grimme prize and the German television award, however, asked for patience. By the end of 2019, the third season of “Babylon Berlin is calling” first on the pay-TV broadcaster Sky before she comes in the fall of 2020 into the German Free-TV (The First one).