finger in the back: Why is the hatred so deep between Chris Töpperwien (re.) and Bastian Yotta (li.)?


Chris Töpperwien (44) and Bastian Yotta (42) are probably not the best of friends in the jungle camp in 2019. As far as a little surprising. But how deep is the Yotta-sting is really, learned candidate, Gisele Oppermann (31) on day three of the Australian adventure. It is a hard saying, that of the curry sausage-king, during a chat at the waterfall to his comrade-in-arms. “I think it’s terrible, the guy is terrible. Because I know what it is for a left Bazille [ … ], I would have popped him the most.”

in the run-up to the 13. Season of “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” it was clear that The would-be millionaire, and the curry sausage-king Chris Töpperwien are not green. Earlier, the two are actually good friends. You got to know about the “Gladiator”Star Ralf Moeller (60). The friendship broke up in 2018 after the devastating fires in Malibu. But why the fire also destroyed the friendship between men?

Yotta to have combined donations and his business

Töpperwien accused Yotta at the time, his willingness to help for the fire victims. After the sausage king called on his Followers on Instagram to donate, wanted to help Bastian Yotta and also launched a call in its Instagram Story. However, the entrepreneurs Association, the call for donations with a discount on his courses. In Numbers: Who donated 199 euros, paid for one of his courses – about for the “Money rate” to bring more money to the account of the participant – only 299 Euro instead of 597 euros. Donations and attention for his Business? An absolute No-Go for Chris Töpperwien.

Yotta denied at the time of the allegations, but the friendship broke up probably because of that. But not only is this story Töpperwien finds abhorrent, as he reported: Gisele Oppermann in the Camp on day three – Yotta to have cheated in addition, many people of their money. “I know what it is for a left Bazille, the type. I get a lot of Mails from his Fans, who begged that I tell him the opinion. How he has cheated with Transfers, with promises – the people never got their money back.”

If the Beef brothers are buried during their time in the jungle the hatchet? It remains in any case an exciting…

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